Web Development Progress 10/21/2012

This week has been very busy and quite successful!  I have decided to use weebly.com as the platform for the Teaching and Learning Department Faculty.  Although Google Sites and WordPress had many other benefits, including almost unlimited template design and high search engine optimization, I chose weebly.com for one simple reason; it is very easy to learn! Having met with several of the department faculty in one-on-one meetings, I realized that the most important need for the faculty was to choose a platform that was easy to use and capable of design variation.  After working with Weebly for a few hours, I was able to design a clean looking template that looked professional and managed information adequately.

The image below is an example of the home page for the first draft of the template.  My next step is to include active twitter feed, include links to course material, update the ‘scholarship’ and ‘about me’ tabs, and include more ‘pop-out’ information.



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