Cool Runnings

Hi there blog readers!

Things are off and running here at the STA program. Each of the tech assistants have successfully started with their faculty projects, and this year it seems like we all have some web based component, which is great news! A main goal of this program is to expose our STA’s to real world scenarios while working with technologies and software that will put them ahead of other young graduates entering the working world. Some of our STA’s are well versed in Adobe Captivate (the whole Adobe Suite as a matter of fact) to complex 3D modeling associated with the architecture department.

At our first STA group meeting, we went over what we would be doing this semester, which is a new element of the program that we have started. These meetings are a good way to check in because most of the semester, we don’t see each other. This, plus the WordPress blog, keeps us accountable for our work, as well as maintaining the dialogue between one another.

Speaking of WordPress, this blog is actually one of my focuses for this semester. Along with answer the phones and other office projects, this blog is sort of my pet project. I am actively watching various tutorials in making the site better and more user friendly. Next thing I would love to do is reach out to the community to get more readers!



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