Evan’s October 11th Update

     So today I finally began to make concrete progress on the aesthetics of the site. I changed it around a little to give it a more clean cut look than what it previously had, and I’m going to hopefully be altering some of the site navigation to make it much more clear and organized. There are a few sections that I don’t really think mesh well together, and so this Tuesday when I meet with Dr. Spencer, I’m going to ask if there is anything she feel like might be a good addition to what I have done, aesthetically or organizationally.

I did discover though that the current permissions I have wouldn’t allow me to edit the .css files (which are the style sheets for pages) or any of the other coding files that govern the pages. So my primary goal for the next few days are to get those permissions so that I’d be able to have access to files in order to tweak pages as needed.


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