Supply and Demand – 10/8/2012 Update on the Economics Council Project

This semester I get to have the pleasure of working with Economics professor and Economics Council adviser, Joey Gabaldon to focus on two interesting projects for the club.

The first of these two projects is a fully featured, cost-effective scheduling management system for Economics tutoring. In the past, the Economics council has just paid tutors to wait in a room, regardless of whether or not students show up for tutoring. Since this is a waste of funds, the club is seeking a scheduling management system so that students can pick times (and tutors) for their study sessions. It will require some security measures to ensure that tutors are not exploiting the system by having their friends sign up and not show up for tutoring, but the project should be reasonable to setup within the next few weeks. Professor Gabaldon would also like features like SMS notifications, but these are generally relatively expensive and could be hard to find in an affordable package for the club.

The second of the two projects is a revamp of the current Economics Council website. There are many goals here, but some of them include a new unified mailing list, integrating the new scheduling system, making current Econ Council events and projects more apparent, etc. The goal is to finish this site by the end of the semester.

So that’s a brief overview of the project(s) I’ll be working on this semester.


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