The Urbanist Chronicle | Project Update – 4/17/2012

The last few weeks have been mostly technical undertakings not fit for blog consumption (I don’t really know how to write about my exciting experiences bashing my head against my keyboard in an attempt to get the RSS feeds to search by keywords). So rather than go into a huge amount of detail with words, I’ll use the the good ‘ole “a picture is worth a 1000 words” adage here.

Front Page

This front page is now waiting for J.J.’s comments and/or approval. The main modules at the top pull from the New York Time’s RSS feed by keyword. Everything else is easily updated by editing modules.

On top of this, I have begun writing an extremely comprehensive User Guide for the project which dwarfs last semester’s in comparison. It reads much more like a book than a step-by-step tutorial, as I’m trying to see if this is the better way to attempt to teach this material. It’s ripe with pictures to help visualize the steps necessary. Here’s a small preview of what I’ve written below:

Anyway, that’s it for this (last) week! I hope to have the site’s entire structure completed within a week or two. Then train J.J./finish filling in content over the last couple of weeks. I’ll likely be working up till May 31st, but will probably remain on-call (well at least on-email) for J.J. for a significant number of months ahead.


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