Evan’s update: April, Friday the 13th

Lucky lucky day today. Well so far what has  been going on is that I am more or less finished with the page, and it works so far as chrome is concerned. I’m going to start testing it on the other browsers for I had an issue with the hotlinks, and chrome and firefox (I assume safari as well) wouldn’t allow links to local disk space (and therefore most likely wouldn’t allow for network drive space either). But it works for chrome with a LocalLinks extension, and I’m going to try the firefox version of it, explorer I believe has features innately that allow for it and I’m going to find out about safari. Otherwise, I’m waiting to hear back from one of the IT guys that works in Warren to find out who has access to what network drives because the computer I intended to install on didn’t have access to the same drives as the professors.

After I figure out all this, I need to properly use alias to allow the files to be used on the network drive and  then have everything uploaded. Not too much right? Oh I want to add a sorting function to the search results too so once I have the necessities finished I’ll work on that. Showing everyone how to use it should be simple enough, since all they would need is a link, and then for future purposes, I’ll leave a guide to how I did everything, and the workings more or less. So an instruction manual.


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