WordPress Master Chef

My week with WordPress kinda looked like this....

For the past week, I’ve been cookin’ up various WordPress blogs for the office. The first being this one and the other is the blog for the USD iPad in the classroom pilot program. Basically, a group of professors have utilized iPad technology in their classrooms and implemented into their teaching. The blog has not yet been fully launched, but through the process, I have become better at setting up blogs and tutorials.

Each blog has it’s own unique needs and because I haven’t been able to sit down with the professors all at once (this can actually prove to be harder than it seems), I need to be more intuitive into what they want. This includes everything from the way the tutorial is written down to the font used in the blog.

Stay tuned for more on this projects as it comes along.

Meanwhile… if you have Pandora, make a “The Weeknd” station. I’ve been playing it non-stop and it’s gotten my creative gears going!

Please share what sort of music YOU like to listen to while working on projects 🙂


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