Evan’s March 30th Update

Okie dokie. I’m in the process of testing the upload feature of the whole project which handles moving the file into a specified location, storing where that location is, and storing all the elements that the user has entered. So far it works well, no issues, and I’m working on getting the download/search portion of it. I have the html portion working fine, but the php isn’t showing any search results. After this, i just have to get an update/remove section which wouldn’t be too difficult to add. So as of the essentials for this project go, I’m getting close to finishing, but once I get done with these, I’d just be showing the professors how to use it, which should only take a day as its all very simple and self explanatory, and then making everything look pretty, and possibly creating better search results. Don’t know how plausible the last part is, for that could be hefty within itself however, we shall see how things go.
Work Tune of the Day: “Little Boxes” by Walk Off the Earth


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