Evan’s March 23rd Update

So far, from the last update what I have been doing is trying to get the html form that I’m creating to work in conjunction with the php code, which would actually upload the documents to the database. Probably the most difficult part was trying to figure out how to store the file but I’ve got most the planning for that all figured out. So once I finish the upload form, I’m going to double check to make sure I understand what exactly I need to do to properly install/upload what I have to the shared HD. Should be done with all that part hopefully next week so I could then start populating the database and then start coding the download portion, and making everything all pretty. Might add a nice background picture on the form or something later. On the bright side, what did the computer do at lunchtime?  Had a byte! Haha oh four hours of sleep is not good for me. And if anyone reads this, if I’m posting to this thing wrong, just let me know. Nighty Night


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