Evan’s Check In: March 2nd

March 2nd

Well, up to this point I haven’t made too much headway other than where to go. The first couple weeks, I was meeting with her, getting a better idea of what she wanted, and what form would best be suited to those wants. Originally I had a couple ideas, one to use an online database service, which when I presented the idea to her, she seemed skeptical due to security reasons, and so I informed her if she wants security, to have the database on site. She agreed, and so I was trying to discover how to incorporate and intranet system into everything, in which she told me that the law professors have a shared hard drive, and that if it would help with access (one of the professors that would need access is quite a bit away so we would’ve needed a solid router) I could use a small portion of the large amount of storage space they had. And so, up to this point where I am at is I have set up XAMPP for I tried installing WAMPserver multiple times but it gave me a large amount of problems initially and so I decided to try a different service. And now I am attempting to code the the searching portion of the project, in which I am hoping to have a solid portion of that done by the time I meet with Professor Cannon next so we may populate the database. The way that I intend the interaction with the database is to have a simple webpage, with the address being on the hard drive. And yeah. Time to start pounding away at that code so tah-tah.


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