DETCHE 2016 student panelist

I just finished using Final Cut Pro to edit two videos where Professor Pearlberg’s students showcased their projects and explained how this redesigned course helped them learn what it means to work with industrial-organizational (I-O) psychology.

Something else that was super exciting this week was that I was invited by Senior Director of USD Academic Technology Services, Shahra Meshkaty to be part of Directors of Educational Technology / California Higher Education (DET/CHE) annual conference as a student panelist. I represented USD, and was the only student panelist from a private university to answer questions about student’s perspectives on technology, academic integrity and student engagement.

I had class right after the panel so I had to attend virtually using Zoom.


Happy Thanksgiving

Hope everyone had a great break!

Just got done with my first project final wrap up and trained myself in the technology for my second project. However, the professor never responded so I assume that is on a hiatus for now. I will conclude my final weeks working in the office possibly.


Hope everyone is well!


Hello Everyone!

Hope you’re all having a great semester, I cannot believe we’re almost done!

Just a quick update… I’ve been a bit behind due to my crazy course load this semester, but I’m finally getting caught up. I’ve just been organizing Professor O’Neal’s Youtube channel for now. I’m hoping to get some work done on the website soon.


Project 1 almost done

I have now hosted all iMovie sessions and also met up with the professors and finished some final stuff up with everyone. It was a great learning experience to get fluent with iMovie and also cater a classroom while trying to accommodate all possible students.


Nonetheless, i’m not moving to another project in the sector of SPSS, which is very exciting as it’s essentially learning 2 different things in one semester.


Hope everyones projects are well.

Presentations and Final Cut Pro

Hello everyone!

The class has been busy with a lot of assignments this week. I’ve been keeping up with the Instagram page (which has over 50 posts already!), the badge board and helped the professor out with the class presentations. After having recorded each group’s presentation, I went to the Media Center to use Final Cut Pro to edit the videos (mainly to improve the audio). The videos were uploaded to the professor’s Ensemble account and sent out to the students so that they can re-watch how they did before their next presentation.


Busy week coming up

The prior week I met with all the students regarding iMovie.I managed to get Ryan from the media center with me to help me out with assisting the students as well.

The upcoming week will have more sessions and i will also be scheduling more for the week after in order for all the students to be ready with their project. There were a couple of misunderstandings this week with the professors and it did cause an issue.

However, what I love about being an STA is that the job is a learning experience for life as well and these experiences go on with you for life. Hope everyones projects are gong well!

Take care

Professional Sales Videos

My project this semester is a continuation of my project last semester with Professor O’Neal. As you may remember, he teaches a Professional Sales class. Each semester, his students do mock sales presentations, which he records and uploads to his Youtube channel, using Youtube Capture.

My job this semester, is to find a way to organize his Youtube channel so students can easily access the best and worst videos of previous semesters, for studying purposes. These will be linked to the Sales Club website.

This task will require me to do some research on the different ways Youtube allows you to organize videos on your channel. If anyone has any experience, or advice with this feel free to comment below! I will also continue to maintain the Sales Club website ( which I created last semester). I’m in contact with the Sales Club President to schedule a way to teach a club representative how to maintain and make changes to the site. See you all soon!